Playboy Playmates “Eyes On You” Kitty Terry

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Legendary Guitarist George Terry sure likes playmates which gave me the idea for this video and Kitty Terry composed and performed this song with the most beautiful women in mind. This video features Pam Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith and others as they were just becoming stars. A delight for the most artful of tastes. This video is sensual but still paying respectful homage to the great beauties of the early 80’s.


MissKittyVideo says:

Thank you for the names of all these beautiful? ladies! Girl power…..

patrice587 says:

anna marie goddard
leisa sheridan
juliannna young
carrie westcott
jenny mccarthy
jennifer lavoie
christy thom
pamela anderson
anna nicole smith
angela melini
christina leardini
karen foster
tawnni cable
lisa matthews
traci adell
devin devasquez
elke jeinsen
tiffany sloan
laura? richmond
kimberly donley
erika eleniak
alesha oreskovich
tylyn john

hornjah says:

yeah! sexy? cool!!

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